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My trip…

One thing I love about God is that He is always up to something. What I mean is that, as the author and finisher, He knows the end from the beginning and, as our guide, He is continually allowing life to move us in the direction of our destiny.

I’m still in Los Angeles I still miss home. I still can’t wait to get back. But, God has allowed me to see the importance of this trip. One of the absolute greatest things about this trip is the connections with my fellow partners.

All throughout the day, yesterday, I was able to meet and converse with people that I look up to, people that encourage me, and people that inspire me. But, it wasn’t all about me. I was also able to do the same for others, as well.

As believers, we have to always keep our eyes open to those precious Kingdom moments. Those times where we know that if it wasn’t for God’s timing and hand, we’d be lost and so would others.

You see, my approach and mindset towards my business is simple. I want to help people but, what’s so different, or special, about that? Millions of people everywhere want to help people… This is a service industry. The difference is that it may be a service industry but I am a servant. My goal isn’t just to help people but to minister to them.

The health and fitness industry, the weight-loss industry, the get fit movement is huge. There are tons of options for people to go to but what makes this different for me is that it isn’t just about helping you lose weight. If you want to lose weight, just eat healthy and exercise, or go get that operation… simple. But, people need more than just another method of shaping their bodies, they need to understand that they’re in the potter’s hand being molded. There’s a greater calling than just getting rid of weight and feeling better for that moment.

Last night, I reconnected with a friend, who moved from Ohio to the Carolinas, and we all went out to dinner. While searching for the ‘right place’, we came upon a young man on crutches. One of the guys with us begin to minister to this complete stranger. He told this guy about his injury, and, oh by the way, he began to tell him about Christ. At one moment, there were four people laying hands on this young man. It was amazing but that’s what I’m talking about. We think that we are here for one thing but God is reminding us that we don’t do anything without PURPOSE being in the mix. I don’t know if the young man gave his life to Christ but, I do know that you can never go wrong in sharing Jesus.

Today is Palm Sunday. Today is the commemorative day when we celebrate that fact that the people celebrated Jesus’ arrival in the city. But, lets not forget that in less than a week these same people also helped to fulfill purpose by calling for Jesus’ death. It’s all about purpose…

Today is a present. Some like to rip it open and throw away the paper whereas some like to open it carefully and save the paper for later. I see the joy in both methods. The true key is to open it… Don’t allow your life to pass by and never truly engage in it. Your weren’t put here with your beautifully, wonderfully, custom made self just to sit on the sidelines or be displayed on a shelf. You were created for purpose. You were made for destiny.

Open your gift…

I love you ALL!!!
Stay blessed,

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