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Gay marriage…

So, many things are going on in the world and so little time and space to talk about it.

One of the hot button issues going on right now is concerning the “civil rights” of gay people to be married. I will NOT talk about the fact that the Bible calls it an abomination. I will NOT talk about the fact that the people have spoken and 30+ states have banned it and ruled it unconstitutional. I will NOT talk about the Supreme Court attempting to address a State issue at the Federal level. BUT, what I WILL talk about is the church.

The church? How did I come to the conclusion of the church? Quite simply, this country was founded on the principles of Equality, Prosperity and Religious Freedom. One of the chief building blocks of this country IS the church. Unfortunately, the American church has allowed the standards to drop in the name of political correctness. The church has adopted a methodology of saving people’s feelings over saving their souls. Over the past 50 years or so, the church has become more and more silent to the ills that plague our beautiful land. We haven’t truly addressed one of the primary goals of Christendom and that is to bring those that are lost to the knowledge and fullness of Christ.

Our commission is to go into the hedges and highways for the purpose of compelling sinners to turn from their lives of sin and immorality and turn to a loving God. You see, I don’t have a problem with the LGBT community. I have acquaintances who are LGBT. The problem that I do have is the attempt to MAKE or FORCE people to just accept their way of life as a STANDARD. That, my friend, is WRONG!!!! The continual attempt to indoctrinate the community is where I have the problem. I can accept you as the person that you are, BUT I do not have to accept you trying to teach my children that it’s okay to live this way. I do NOT have to accept that I am uncomfortable with a gay male teacher hugging my son.

Here’s an example… My son’s science teacher is gay. One day my son comes home and in great detail talked about how he felt uncomfortable in class because of the teacher. The subject was talking about seeds and how plants go through germination from seed into plant… The question that I have even to this day is, “How in the *&^#$ did the conversation go from plants to vaginas and penises? I did NOT give parental consent for that subject to be taught to my 4th grader!!!” The key here is that my children know the proper names for anatomy. So, why was my son uncomfortable? It was the presentation. He knows what’s right and what’s not. The manner in which it was presented was wrong. What’s even crazier is that when I spoke to the administrator… I realized that he was gay also and he stood behind his associate, with no action surrounding the concern of the parent. Needless to say, when sexual education is presented to the class… my son will NOT be participating AND we get daily updates to the happenings in the classroom.

In order for anything to be accomplished, there needs to be unity. If we didn’t have unity, we would be called the “United Kingdom, Part 2”. My brothers and sisters, we have a voice. It’s way past time to start using it. We voted these folks into office and it is their job to represent the people. It’s time to stop complaining about what ‘they’ are doing and get to work. Did you know that recently the gay marriage concern was compared to women’s right to vote and slavery? Gay marriage compared to slavery???? The reason that these kinds of comparisons can be made is because there hasn’t been a voice to speak against it with power.

The number one source for receiving money is the IRS. The number two is the church. It’s time to rally together and take a stand on what the Bible, Koran, and other letters of faith have said. Sin is sin…

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,


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