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Conviction and Resolution

This weekend has been interesting to say the least. Since, I generally write one letter per day about things that happen in my life… From this weekend alone, I probably have three weeks worth of material (smile). But seriously, I have to be really clear about something. For me, having a spoken conversation versus having a written one is two entirely different things. You see, I am a person of words and I understand the power that the WRITTEN word has.

Conviction is a strong persuasion or belief. Resolution is the act of answering or determining; or the firmness of resolve. When I write, I am writing from these two areas from my conviction and resolve. I am very intentional with the words that I choose, the statements that I make, and the point(s) that I wish to relay.

As a pre-teen, whenever I didn’t feel that my voice was being heard, I would write a letter to ‘no one’ and just leave it so my mom or dad would find it. The ‘finding’ of these letters always sparked heated conversation but my goal was for them to know what I was feeling. The letters that I write today are the same thing. My writing is an expression of my thoughts, feelings and resolution towards whatever topic, or subject.

I say all of that to say this… Please, don’t underestimate or devalue the written word that I write. When Gouverneur Morris pulled out his pen, he scripted one of the most powerful documents in history. When he and thirty-nine others signed this document, many underestimated its worth but without it we wouldn’t be here today. That document was the United States Constitution. I’m not inferring that my letters are world changing but know this, if I write it, you best believe that this is where I stand… IRONCLAD!!!

Some messages are harder to write than others because of my level of resolution and concern for how the message will be received. You see I’ve realized over the past several months that I am a man full of emotion and intensity. One of the problems that we, men, face is that we don’t really have any outlets for our ‘feelings’. There is an expectation of us to be a certain way and we hold fast to that denying our true inner self. We’d rather just agree to be agreeable because quite honestly we like peace. BUT, when I write, it’s no holds barred. If I tell you that I love you or, you are my ‘friend’ or, that I don’t like you or, that you are ‘special’ or my plan or goal is _____; then trust me, like it or not, that’s how I feel. You may disagree with my point of view but check this out… “It is what it is.”

The part that’s funny is that my level of conviction flows into everyday dealings with people and the hardest place for me is in one of the simplest areas… texting. It’s difficult because people don’t read, people scan. When you scan, you don’t pay attention to ALL of the words and you WILL miss the real point in doing so. As an answer to this scanning issue, I try to keep my texts as brief as possible. The problem with that is the more abridged and concise you get, the more blunt a message can be. The receiver can’t hear the tone of your voice when reading a 10-word message. They ‘feel’ the intensity. Sorry…

My letter today is EXTREMELY INTENTIONAL. I am tired of people and the perception that my lack of action means that I haven’t responded. If you’ve received ANY word from me in WRITING (text, email, social media, printed document, whatever) that IS my CONVICTION and RESOLUTION.

In Latin, the phrase is “dictum meum pactum” or in English… “My word is my bond.”

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,


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