I was thinking about all of the different things that happen in our everyday lives. We ALL have so much going on, from dawn to dusk and beyond. Our days are filled with a myriad of tasks and a plethora of opportunities. We’ve learned and perfected the art of multitasking so that we may be able to accomplish more things.

But, when we look back at each day, the things that generally stand out the most are the negative things. How I overslept. How I’m running late and the tire needed air. Why aren’t the children doing like I asked? Why isn’t my spouse listening to me. My employer is a goofball. How do they expect me to complete that on such short notice? My favorite team lost the game… The list seems to go on to infinity!!

There’s a concept that I learned from yoga and it’s simply called S.T.A.R. – Stop Take A breath and Relax. Seriously… take 30 seconds to a minute, stop reading this letter and breathe… I’ll be here when you return.


Are you doing it? I’ll keep waiting…


Almost there…


Now, if you actually did it, you will feel a little better. I’ve learned that it is necessary to stop and breathe sometimes. I found out that the busier that I get, the more that I hold my breath. The funny thing about it is that, we all do it. We need to remind ourselves to breathe. We have to allow ALL of the perils from our day to be literally ‘blown away’.

When we exhale, we allow the stuff of the day to get out of our system. We are releasing all of that negativity. We are cleansing our system but do you wash your car and then go mudding? The long answer is… No. So, don’t refill your system with more negativity. Start to think about all of the good things that have occurred.

Living a life of thankfulness may be difficult, at first. We’ve been trained to magnify the negative but lets retrain ourselves. The simplest way is to answer this question… What good things have I experienced within the last 10 minutes? Your list should start off with at least 10 different positive experiences. Some may say that nothing really good has happened in the last 10 minutes but I beg to differ. I’ll give you the first 4… (1) My heart is beating, (2) I’m breathing, (3) I’m reading this letter… So, I can see, (4) I’m comprehending this letter… I have my mind.

Way too often, we magnify the negative but what happens when we magnify the positive? If you really want to live a life of thankfulness, try being thankful for EACH breath that you take. You will never run out of thanks because as you say ‘Thank you’, another breath was taken… So, another ‘Thank you’ is in order, but again, another breath was taken… So, another ‘Thank you’ is still in order… This line of thanks, just for breathing, is eternal!!! But that’s only ONE area.

What else can we be thankful for? How about the fact that you woke up today? How about the fact that you have children; that you have a spouse; that you have an employer; that you have a vehicle (or two), a home… There are a gazillion more positives in our lives than there will ever be negatives. The trick is that we have to retrain ourselves in order to focus on those positives.

Today’s assignment is simple. At least once every hour (set an alarm, if you have to), take a moment and give thanks for the good in your life. Take a moment and focus on the positive and each time that you do this today… give something away to at least three (3) people. What should you give? A smile…

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,


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