Contact lists…

How many of us remember back in the day when your contact list could be written in a ‘little black book’ that fit in your back pocket and was no bigger than a wallet? Times have surely changed!!! Now, something as simple as sending out a mailer to all of your contacts is compared to climbing Mt. Everest!!!

I decided that I was going to send out an email blast to all of my contacts regarding my business. But, as I started looking at the list, I realized that, “Oh, these people are different from those people”. Then when I went to the ‘those people’ list, I realized that yet another list contains different people. The crazy part is that when I look at my iPhone/iPad contacts, everybody is all together!!! I’m walking thru “contact list hell”!!! So, I am combining my 3 Apple, 5 Gmail, YahooAOLHotmail, LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter contacts all into Plaxo!!

The funny thing is that once I get all of my contacts into one place then, I still have to move them into yet another program to send out the email. What I figured would be a simple 15 minute process, the longest part being the actual email, has turned into a project… Somebody needs to pray for ME!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,



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