Devotional Observations


Lord Chesterfield said, “Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” The power of this statement is much greater than most people give credence to.

When I sold insurance, one of the things that people would say was, “I like what I see but, I’ll have to think about it.” The question that I have is this, “What is there to think about?” The professional is in front of you. Whatever questions that you may have about insurance can be answered right now. Yet, that is one of the greatest responses in the sales process. What makes it dangerous is that while we are thinking about things, life happens. If you would have made that immediate decision, before life happened, then, you would have been covered.

I was recently in a group and the leader said that he would do things completely differently in his next group than what he currently does now. And his reasoning is that the new people wouldn’t like his current style. My question is, “Why wait for the new group?” Who says that the current people wouldn’t appreciate your new style especially, if it is related to time management?

What it boils down to is procrastination. Victor Kiam said, “Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin.” In both examples, taking advantage of the now WILL have marked benefits. Having insurance coverage, in effect, is a benefit. Developing new styles and time management skills with your current group is a benefit. The better that we manage our time, the more likely we are to invite more people to our current group. I’m just saying…

Don Marquis said, “Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.” How many times have we missed the mark, because we moved too slowly? How many great ideas have we had that would have been the next light bulb but, because we didn’t jump on it, someone else did? What’s crazy about Marquis’ quote is that procrastination IS an art. Do you realize how creative you have to be to ALWAYS have a reason why you haven’t done something? To always be ahead of the question “Why?”…

Don Yeager relays that one of the characteristics of greatness is having ice in your veins, which comes out as being a thoughtful risk-taker not having the fear of making a mistake. And another characteristic of greatness is knowing how and when to adjust the game plan.

You can’t really enjoy the swim if you don’t get in the pool. The water may be cold then again it may be warm but, you don’t know for sure until you get in. We can stand by the side of the pool wondering, or put our toe in to check it. But, all we really need to do is dive in!!! The fear of the unknown can create paralysis. I am tired of being paralyzed and I know YOU are too!!!

Today’s assignment is to get off of your duff and get some things going!!! You already know what those things are because you’ve been putting them off for a day just like TODAY!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,


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