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Life is short…

This morning I woke-up with my Aunt Mae on my mind. One of the things that’s cool about her is that she is approaching 100 years old. You see, our family has been blessed with long life. It is common for our relatives to live well into their late 80s, 90s and above.

While I was thinking about her, one of my thoughts was simply about ALL that she has seen and experienced, so far, in her lifetime. The year that she was born (1913), the first crossword puzzle and the first moving assembly line were made. The very next year World War I started. She has seen, or experienced, the “Roaring ‘20s”, the Great DepressionWorld War II, the invention of not only TV but, color TV, commercial airlines, the Civil Rights movement, women’s liberation, the space race, the Vietnam War, the Beatles, Nelson Mandela released from prison, video games, the first black president (I’ll let you pick… Clinton or Obama), and so much more…

After all of these ‘events’ in history, one thought keeps coming to mind and that is ‘Life is short’. When we look at living to 120 years old, in the grand scheme of things, it is only a whisper in time, or a bat of an eye, especially when compared to the earth, which is 4.54 billion years old. In keeping with the theme, the importance isn’t how long we are here but what are we doing with the time that we have.

Of all the events that have occurred in Aunt Mae’s timeline, one thing is very clear, to me, and that is… passion. None of these events would have been, if there were no passion fueling them. There wouldn’t have been a WWI or WWII, or Civil Rights, or video game had there not been passion. That passion was sparked by one person who in turn set a fire under others who were just as, or even more, passionate as they were until great moments in history were conceived.

So, my question is this, “What are YOU passionate about?” There is destiny written into our DNA. The only problem is that many will go thru their lives without fulfilling that destiny because they haven’t tapped into their passion. I’ve noticed, by writing these letters, that the things I am passionate about end up in longer script. Why, because my passion comes out. When you are passionate about something, there aren’t enough words to express that passion. You could eat, sleep and breathe that thing. You are encapsulated, encompassed and engulfed in it.

But, you may be saying that my passion isn’t big enough to start a war or free someone from prison… I dare to disagree. Who knew that less than 50 years after the Civil Rights movement that the President of these United States would be a man of color? That started with one person telling their child, “You could be the president!!” and the passion that pushed that child forward until that goal was reached.

The problem is that we don’t share our passions with others. One of the reasons why is fear. We are afraid that our passion won’t be received or will be demeaned or even rejected. But, guess what, women’s liberation wasn’t necessarily received either. We can’t be moved by fear. We have to press past that and go after what is truly in our hearts.

So, today’s assignment is more of a dare. I dare YOU to make a difference. I dare YOU to share YOUR passions, whether popular or not. I double dare you! I double dog dare you!! As a matter of fact, I triple dog dare you!!! You never know, you may be the catalyst for the next great moment in history!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,


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