Devotional Observations

To Infinity… and Beyond!!!

This letter is inspired by the tagline of fictional, animated character… Buzz Lightyear of Star Command from the Toy Story movies.

I was driving the other day and was just thinking about all of the frustrations that come along with growing a business. I would love to tell you that everything is wonderful every single day of the week. I would also love to say that things always seem to work themselves out all of the time. Honestly, that’s not reality. Sometimes, things get a hectic. There are times that I see my phone ring and think that I need a new number. BUT, that’s where Buzz Lightyear comes in…

One of the things that I really like to do is watch movies. Movies are an escape for me. They transport you into OTHER places, environments, and situations, which allow you a break from YOUR reality. This break is cool because, for that 60-90 minutes, I am literally somewhere else and that allows me to recharge my batteries.

The mind is a wonderful and dangerous thing. It is true that whatever you fill it with will come out at the weirdest times. So here I am driving down the street and all of a sudden, I keep hearing, “To Infinity… and Beyond!!” Now, for the normal person, you’d probably look in the backseat and tell the kids to chill but, who says that I’m the normal person ☺ No one was in the car with me. It was ALL me and I really began to think about that statement.

The Phrase…
“To Infinity…” is a proclamation of a journey to a particular destination. The crazy part is that the destination is an unreachable place because infinity is an unending and without limits. It’s eternal… But, the rest of the phrase is the part that sends you over the edge. “To Infinity… and Beyond” How do you go further than ‘never ending’? Somehow/some way, this got me to thinking…

I am the Master of my Destiny and if I want to go to “Infinity” and look over the edge and spit… then that’s MY decision. If I want to take another step past Infinity, then so be it!!! I can’t be overwhelmed by the minor irritants that I see today because they are just that… minor. My focus needs to be, not only, on Infinity, but the places AFTER that!!! The sky is NOT the limit!!! It’s just the beginning!!!

So, the next thing that I heard was, “Never give up… Never surrender!!!” which is a take from Commander Peter Quincy Taggart in the movie, “Galaxy Quest”!!! No matter what we see, we can’t quit!!!

“Never say die” – Bob Hope/Martha Raye

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,

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