A Trip Down Memory Lane…

Every once in a while, I like to go down memory lane by looking at “old pictures’. My parents got me into taking pictures/videos because my dad has always had a camera in his hand AND whenever he didn’t have the camera… one of us did. He was always taking pictures and without those pictures many of those special moments in life would have been lost forever.

Over the years, I kind of turned into my dad. I would always have a camera app readily available on my phone. Snapping a picture of those obscure moments when someone has their mouth wide open about to take that bite of cheesecake, or catching that perfect smile, or even those wonderful ‘runaway’ pictures…

I have to pause for a few seconds to talk about the ‘runaway’ pictures. These are the pictures of people that “don’t like to take pictures”. They are always trying to run away from the camera. The unfortunate thing about these people is that they are extremely selfish. Selfish is being “concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself”. Everyone loves to look at pictures, especially of themselves. So, why would you deny everyone, including yourself, the pictures of YOUR life’s journey? One of my cousins passed away and while going thru our pictures for the funeral, we realized that almost every picture of her was blurred because she was running/trying to hide, or you see her hand in front of her face, OR the photographer got tired of trying and she is missing. You know she was at the event but we didn’t even try to take her picture. Missing from history… SMH

But, anyway…
Pictures capture moments in time. The ultimate-best picture to take is totally natural. Natural pictures are those where life is happening and you just click it. There is no posing or preparing for it. Many times these pictures are 100% unexpected and most times unwanted. You know that moment when you show up early for a party and the person isn’t “dressed” for company with the rollers in their hair or the ultra cool guy that you catch wearing a wife-beater and a pair of socks with a hole in the toe.

One of the coolest things nowadays is that people aren’t waiting for the camera anymore… they just take a picture of themselves!! Instagram, facebook and twitter are all filled with self-portraits. I think this is cool because people get to see life literally thru YOUR eyes and they can enjoy your life’s journey WITH you.

Today’s assignment is to enjoy your life’s journey and while your walking it out, pull out your camera and take a picture. You never know how inspiring today’s photos will be tomorrow…

Remember life isn’t ONLY about the destiny but the ACTUAL trip.

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,

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