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Life has a way of either making you sweeter or enhancing your natural flavor just like chocolate. My question to you is what kind of chocolate is life making YOU?

No one wants to eat a raw cacao bean right off the plant. It’s natural flavor is EXTREMELY bitter and will jack up your taste buds for weeks. But, bitter IS its natural flavor. In order to get anything else out of the cacao bean, you have to take it through a process. There are quite a few varieties of chocolate but, I’ll only talk about a few.

Milk Chocolate is the sweetest of the bunch. The process has stripped away the bitterness and the resemblance of its former bitter self is non-existent. This is a mainstream chocolate and you’ll find it EVERY WHERE!!!

Semi-Sweet Chocolate has been processed to add sugars, milk, and other ingredients but, that bitter flavor is still kind of hanging on. Normally, you find this chocolate when baking where you need the chocolate flavor without the ‘sweetness’ of milk chocolate like in a German Chocolate Cake.

Dark Chocolate is an ‘acquired’ taste because that distinct bitter flavor of the cacao is very much alive!! The ‘proper’ way of eating dark chocolate isn’t like eating a candy bar but, you take a bite and savor the flavor. Basically, you suck on it until its gone. Again, it is BITTER so… Be forewarned! Lol…

In life, WE are the cacao bean that goes through the process of sweetening except our process is in REVERSE!! We start out milk chocolate, and over time, we can become dark chocolate, or even raw cacao.

The Bible tells us that life is short and full of troubles. So, that kinda tells me that we truly need to make the best of every NON-troublesome moment that we have.

So, how do we ensure that we STAY sweet?

Don’t allow life to get the best of you. There are going to be plenty of bitter moments. Don’t suck on them. Let them go… Spit it out!! We lose out on the joys of life because we still have the aftertaste of a dark chocolate moment. Let it GO!!!

There’s a church song that says, “I’m living from glory to glory”… Better words couldn’t be spoken. Have you ever had a piece of cake that you savored every bite? AND, you couldn’t wait to have another piece? Well, these are the sweet moments! Don’t just gobble up these moments until they’re gone! Hold on to them!!! You never know if/when that next sweet moment will come back!!

Living from this moment to that moment helps us to stay in the NOW. Having a short memory can be a great thing. As life happens, and it will, just let it. Some people choose not to focus on the good or the bad. The Bible calls this… Being Content. Being content is a process in and of itself but, the rewards are great!

When I started writing this letter, I felt more like dark chocolate but, now… I’m back to my milk chocolate stance!

Today’s assignment:
Give someone a milk chocolate moment. You never know how that moment will help YOU!!

Nu Sound

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