The Marriage of Pastor and Minstrel

Before you even go there, this is NOT a letter about homosexuality in the church. So, if you’re looking for that then stop reading and go do something else.

The marriage of pastor and minstrel is an amazing thing. It is the joining of two powerful callings that truly push and further ministry. There is a bond and commitment both to each other and the fulfillment of God’s purpose in the church.

The problem with many churches is that these two roles are NOT married. The relationship isn’t about commitment to each other but filling the gap. In other words… Prostitution. The church has a need. I’m a musician. So, you hire me to play. Your need is met but I don’t care about your church only about your money. If the money stops then, I no longer play. You’re back to square one…

But, money isn’t the only area of breach in this relationship. Many times pastors forget that musicians have lives outside of their church/ministry. I may be committed to serving in your ministry. But, are you committed to me, as a person? One of the expectations of pastors is that every time the doors of the church open… the minstrel should be there. My question to you is did you consult, or run it by, them before taking that engagement?

Today’s church isn’t like the church of yesterday. Back in the day, we would be in service 5-7 days a week. I remember our old schedule. Tuesday – Bible Study; Wednesday – Prayer; Friday – Evangelistic Service; Saturday – Choir rehearsals; Sunday – Sunday school, morning worship, dinner, afternoon service, youth service, evening service… And yes, we had 5-6 events on almost every Sunday. We’d arrive at 8:30 am and wouldn’t leave the building sometimes until 10:00 pm!!!

This generation of churchgoer doesn’t see the need for that type of dedication. Neither do musicians…

People have lives outside of the church building. We teach and preach the kingdom message but, how effective is that message when our home lives are in a shamble, marriages are failing left and right, children running amuck, secular jobs are requiring more, and the list goes on… But, my question for the pastors is this, “Do you care that I’m a wreck right now or do you just need me to play?”

But, here’s the good part. There are pastors and minstrels who are successfully walking out this union and those ministries are unmistakable. The audience can ‘feel’ the love on the stage. There’s no animosity between them. They enjoy each other. And, when one, or the other is missing, you can feel that void.

Just like the traditional marriage of man and woman, the pastor/minstrel marriage is a partnership. We may not always agree but we can reason together and fulfill our mandate. Be fruitful and multiply. Lol!! I just got some of y’all… Yes, fruitful and multiply in this area translates as growth of the ministry. Unity will ensure growth. Don’t forget that when Lucifer left Heaven, he took a third of the angels with him. That ain’t growth!!

This week’s assignment:
Pray for the pastoral and minstrel marriage of YOUR ministry/church.
Encourage them both. Trust me, they need it.

Nu Sound

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