A lot has gone on in life since I last submitted one of these letters… Who would have thought that Donald Trump, of all people, would be the last man standing for the GOP and who would’ve EVER thought that Bernie Sanders is STILL contending with Hillary? North Korea has a sort of congress/parliament with Kim Jong Un as the Chairman. There are cruise ships going to Cuba. And, Prince is dead… Moment of silence, please.

Those are the major headlines but, I really don’t care about the major things because it’s the smaller things that truly affect us and how we live day by day…

I’ve lost friends over the past year. Some by lack of attention and others by being cut-off. One of the worst things for me is to have lost friends with whom I’ve shared major time with. People who have meant the world to me. People who I would’ve given my last penny to if they needed it. But, as time marches on… People change, situations change, and life changes. What makes it really bad is that I have struggled with the loss of one of these friends…

What makes this loss a struggle is that I TRULY don’t care about them anymore. Things have happened, words spoken, actions performed, feelings hurt and now… I struggle even with having a Godly approach to this person. At one point, I actually HATED them but, God had to check me on that one.

You see the problem is that we still have mutual friends, some dealings together, and we still pass by each other ever so often. So, even tho we AREN’T cool… We still have to BE cool. And there inlies the true struggle…

As a Godly man, I have to be cool, at all times. As a hu-man, there are times that I blow it. So, why did I choose to start writing again TODAY and THIS be my comeback letter?

I’ve realized that LIFE has changed me. The things that once happened everyday no longer have the same flavor or flare. The things that once brought great joy to my heart… at times, they barely move me to a grin. I’ve come to the realization that “stuff” happens to all of us and we can’t just leave it sit there. We gotta clean the stuff off and keep it pushing…

But, on the other side… I’m also getting to know what makes Jackie Smith Jr a.k.a. Nu Sound such an Awesome Guy!! Know Thyself is a powerful phrase!! So, again, why THIS letter? And, why TODAY?

I sat here thinking of some melodramatic way to expose my heart to you and use my eloquent verbage to relay how this letter comes from the deepest parts of my soul but, all I could come up with is this…

Why NOT? Lol… One thing that I’ve always valued is being transparent in my letters. What better way of transparency than to say that I’m not perfect but, with God’s help, and the support of my family and friends, I’m doing the best that I can do…

This particular letter is definitely NOT one of my best pieces. After re-reading it, I know why. The reason is that this letter is NOT for any of you. It’s actually for ME. The journey that we are about to take isn’t ONLY  about seeing life through my eyes. It’s also about exploring WHO Nu Sound is? And, taking the journey into my heart.

I Love you ALL!!! There’s a Nu Sound in the air…

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