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I’ve often heard the phrase, “hurt people, hurt people”. This is a true statement concerning how people have a tendency to redirect, or transfer, their pain to others. But, what about those who don’t intend to, and actively, go out of their way NOT to hurt others? But, in the midst of these efforts… They get hurt, AGAIN. These are the ones that I simply refer to as “Fragile”.

It’s easy to re-injure something that has already been broken, bruised, or shattered. Have you ever noticed how when a bone is broken, it is SET, WRAPPED, put in a CAST, then there’s HEALING. It’s not just that way with a bone but, our hearts need that same sort of attention.

When there’s a break, it needs to be SET, or realigned. Depending on how bad the break is there will need to be either an Open or Closed Reduction. During the closed reduction pressure is applied to straighten things out from the OUTSIDE. Friends and family are a part of the closed reduction when it comes to the heart.  But, there are times when the break is complicated or more serious and that reduction needs to happen from the INSIDE out. This is where we must search ourselves and receive direction from God. Some wounds can ONLY be set right by God above.

After the break has been set, it is then WRAPPED. Wrapping the break helps to protect the injured area and provides some padding. You see, even though the area has been set, the whole area around the wound is STILL sensitive and if not handled properly could cause other discomfort during the process. THIS is where many people miss it. Their heart has been set but, there’s no protection/padding in areas next to their heart. So, you just came out of a bad relationship. You got your mind on track. Your heart is SET. But, you haven’t stopped looking at the photo gallery of all that you once did with them. You still go to “Our Favorite Restaurant”. You still send them text messages even tho you KNOW that they won’t respond. Evey time that we do these things, we are irritating that area AROUND our heart. Wrap your heart!! Change some things up. Stop laying on that couch, drinking Pepsi, and binge watching Scandal. Get out of the house and start living life, AGAIN!! Start to remember what you did BEFORE they came into your life.

Once wrapped then the CAST is applied. The purpose of the cast is to hold things in place. Generally, the cast is made up of two separate parts… the soft interior and hard exterior. The soft side is the padding that is closest to the skin. This provides additional comfort during the healing process. The hard exterior is actually the part that PROTECTS the break.  This is why, after suffering a complicated break, many people seem mean and disconnected, short and surly, rude and even ill-tempered. It’s not that they are any of these things. On the other hand, most become more focused, or purpose driven. They may take up kickboxing, join a gym, seek another degree, or even get a second job. The process is the exterior but the accomplishment is the interior. All of these are simply ways applying the cast and protecting their heart.

Finally the HEALING… In this step, the cast is cut off with a saw and the once injured area is now exposed. Once the cast is removed, the recovery begins. Why? Because while the cast was protecting the break from the outside, it also restricted the movement of the once broken area. Now that the cast is off, the muscles in that area need to be worked, the skin needs to be revitalized, and there needs to be restoration for the WHOLE body. You see, if the leg was broken then the rest of the body had to compensate for that leg not fully doing its job. Same goes for the heart. We can’t live the rest of our lives with the cast on. Once, we take that cast off, we need to exercise our hearts. We need to cry a little, laugh a little, and love a little until we call walk upright in our full restoration where we can cry a little, laugh a LOT,  and LOVE a LOT MORE!!!

The key with this process is that we have to first recognize that our hearts ARE indeed Fragile. And, that it needs to be handled with care. There are many broken people who are attempting to move on with life but have simply been stuck. I know.. Because, I’m NOT talking about someone else. This time, I’m talking about me. This letter was for ME. I’m just sharing it with you.

I Love you ALL!! There’s a Nu Sound in the Air…

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