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A needful thing…

The world is filled with wishes, wants, and desires. There are a plethora of opportunities, options, and choices available at arms reach, at any given time. Surrounding us are tons of things, millions of people, and just a lot of “stuff”… But, in the midst of it all there is a core group of, what I call, “Needful Things”. These are the things that are necessary for one’s survival and I’m not referring to food, water, or shelter (this time). But, something more personal and, in some cases, more vital… We all need is someone to talk to.

The need to “get things off your chest” has been around since forever!! Think about how many wars have started because someone mis-spoke? How many times has the right thing been said at the wrong time? How many times have you said something and wished that those words could have been taken back? It’s crazy!!

The reality is that whether going to confessional in the Catholic church, or visiting your psychologist/psychiatrist in their office, there is a healing mechanism that is started when  we begin to share what is in our hearts. The problem with sharing your heart is the fear of that sharing coming back to haunt you.

So, finding someone to talk to is more than just a task. Some say that you should be able to confide in the person with whom you’re in relationship with. Hmmm… What happens if your issue IS the person that you’re in relationship with? Can you really talk to them? No… How about friends? Friends are cool and, contrary to popular belief, their sex doesn’t matter UNLESS… one of you has ulterior motives or hidden agendas.

But, above all of that… Your confidant should be someone you respect AND are willing to consider their counsel when making decisions. A true confidant has NOTHING to gain or lose by your making personal decisions. Respecting that person is a must, tho. When a person feels as if they are always right, or they are the authority on everything, or that they can’t be corrected… then, they are walking firmly in PRIDE and BOTH people are wasting time. Remember, what comes AFTER pride… a fall.

In short, having someone to talk to is a great thing. The challenge is discovering the who. Who is that person? When will you discover them? And, will you be to them what they are to you? Remember, just because you may be a confidant for someone, they may NOT be yours.

These are just some thoughts that have been plaguing my mind over the last couple weeks as I, myself, search for a (local) confidant. I pray that this reaches everyone that this was intended for…

There is a Nu Sound in the air…

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