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Greatness, Unity and Peace…

One of the problems with living in a great society is that there comes a time when the people in that society think more highly of themselves than they should. In every great society throughout history, in one way or another, the people separated themselves into groups, or casts. Some of these groups were based on economics, bloodlines, and even social status. The downfall of these societies always occurred when one group got tired of another and there was an uprising.

The United States of America has been dealing with these same issues since her birth… Whether it was the Pilgrims vs England, the Settlers vs the Native Americans, the People vs the Government, the North vs the South, Wall Street vs Main Street, the 1% vs the 99%… it’s always been here. BUT, what has made our country great is the FACT that we’ve been able to come together in unity and find a way to make peace no matter what the situation. The road may not have been easy and we have bloodshed to show for it, in some cases. But, the end resulted in peace.

Today, we are dealing with the outcry of those who are unhappy with the results of the presidential election. My problem is not that people are upset with the results. My problem is that people have forgotten how to lose.

Our society of ‘political correctness’ tells us that everyone is a winner. It isn’t about winning or losing but, how you played the game and that you participated. Well, that’s all well and good for a kindergarten soccer game. But, these same people who have grown up with this mentality are now rioting because the person that they thought should be in office wasn’t chosen.

I hear the anger. I hear the complaints about the system. I hear the distrust in how we do things. But, wait… Wasn’t there a loser during the last election and the one before that and the one before that… all the way to the beginning of our electoral system? Did we historically make a big deal about the LOSER??

To be totally transparent, I DO understand some of the hesitation for unifying behind our president elect and what he MAY do in the future. He has been brought up on charges. He has been caught flip-flopping on some issues. He has been caught being dishonest. He has major character flaws. He also wasn’t anyone’s first choice. I concede to all of these facts. BUT, every one of these facts also applies to the person that was on the other side of the ticket.

A week before the election, we, as a Nation, were talking about how we ended up with these two individuals as our main party candidates. We were talking about the viability of a third party. We were talking about the lesser of two evils. But, today… we’re rioting.

To this, I have but two words…


I love you ALL
Stay blessed,
There’s a Nu Sound in the air…

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