But, when you truly love… you love truly.

How often do we smile when we really want to cry? How often do we laugh loudly when everything within us really wants to lay on the floor and have a tantrum?

The reality of life is that we feel battle with these opposing feelings all too often.

I don’t mind sharing my feelings because I know who and what I am AND I’m comfortable in my own skin.

Today has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. Transition is not only at my doorstep but is ringing the bell… And, unlike many who see Change approaching, I’m not going to run and hide as if the Jehovah’s witnesses or the rent-to-own company is calling. I’m prepared to meet this new season head-on with all of the uncertainty that each day brings…

I must apologize to my friends and family because dealing with my emotional tirades is no easy task. But, when you truly love… you love truly.

Trust me… Soon, my words will be clear and no longer presented under this vail. I’ll be able to write as freely as I once did without fear of retribution, misinterpretation or confusion. But, until then…

My tears will continue to flow privately while I give you a grand high-five and my perceived joy will steadily blanket my sorrow.

In times like these, faith is not just a buzzword. It’s a lifeline.

The Bible reminds us that endurance precedes salvation and safety. Psalm 30:5 talks about life being in His favor. But, it also says something about weeping enduring overnight but, joy coming in the morning.

Friends, it has been a long time since I’ve written here… My prayer is that it won’t be long until I start writing again.

I love you all…
There’s a Nu Sound in the air…

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