Never Lose Sight of Your Why…

By profession, I work in Information Technologies. By trade, I am a musician. The two main reasons that I work in these two industries is to support my family to the best of my ability AND to use the gifts and talents that God has given me. The problem that many of us have is imbalance.

Through progression and promotion, we take on more and more responsibilities which help us to attain our why BUT, what is the cost of these additions? Working longer hours in my profession keeps me away from home. Working additional engagements and events in my trade takes me away from home both mentally and physically. So, what is the benefit?

As we grow up, we look to our parents for guidance and most times that guidance is by example not by spoken word. My father has always been a hard worker. I love that about him. But, there have been times that I wish that he was at home. The same holds true for ME. I’m a hard worker but, there are times that EYE wish that I was at home. So, I KNOW my children want me there, too.

My point is this… we MUST always keep balance in our lives. The moment that the why is overshadowed by the what then, the why needs to be revisited. In plain English, if my goals have shifted then, I need to reevaluate my LIFE. My children are my world. I am their world. They will love me regardless if I’m pulling in millions or minimal wage. If my job becomes more important than my children then, I am in error. Why? Jobs come and go. Employees will be replaced. But, you only get ONE family… Think about it.

There’s a Nu Sound in the Air…

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