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One of the most different themes in a person’s life is having desires and passions that aren’t met. No matter how significant, or insignificant, those things are, not attaining those goals can be earth shattering to the person.

I was recently speaking with a friend that shared about how badly they wanted children. After multiple miscarriages, there was an emptiness within them that just nothing seemed to fill. Now, coming from an environment with children, I really couldn’t speak to that unfulfilled desire. I was speechless…

All that I could tap into was my own areas of missed targets and wildly shot arrows. One of my original goals in life was to start a successful self-sustaining business, retire by the age of 35, and life off of the residuals for the rest of my life. Well, I am currently 45 and I’m still searching for that successful self-sustaining business.

The purpose behind today’s letter isn’t an opportunity to moan and complain about life. But, it is to show that we ALL have things that we’d like to do in life. We ALL have moments of regret. BUT, the difference between those who actually attain their goals and those who don’t is simple…

When we miss that opportunity, do we quit trying or do we try again? In the two examples, I have started several businesses. Many of them failed soon after but, I kept looking for the next opportunity to the point where one of my businesses lasted for 12 years!!! AND, I’m STILL looking for the next business!! The same holds true for my friend because they never stopped trying. They could have easily given up after the first miscarriage but, they haven’t… even after losing SIX children. Their passion hasn’t ceased. They’re STILL trying AND I truly believe that one day they’ll be blessed with children.

So, be encouraged… It’s never too late!!

There’s a Nu Sound in the air…

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