Unique and Unity…

God is amazing! The moment that we think that we’ve got it all figured out, God reveals something new.

When God created mankind, He made each of us unique. There may be similarities amongst us but, we are ALL hand crafted like fine China. The crazy part about these precious one-of-a-kind entities is that no matter how unique we are, we still need each other.

When we come together in unity, we show our true power, our true resolve, and our true character. You see, even tho we are custom made, we aren’t designed to stand alone. No man is an island… But, guess what… when we put a bunch of islands together we get the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, Hawaii, and the Caribbean!!

The tough part of this unity is getting each of these jigs to recognize that they are all apart of one grand puzzle. We all can’t be borders. There HAS to be fillers!! But, all too often we’re out here trying to be the whole puzzle. That isn’t how this works!!

You are fearfully and wonderfully made!! But, remember that you are also FITLY JOINED to one another. The moment that we begin to come together is the moment that we begin to LIVE!!

There’s a Nu Sound in the air!!!
Stay blessed…

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