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Revisiting Your Why

When I was a Health & Fitness Consultant, one of the things that I never did was pressure people to use our products and services. I believe that high pressure sales have their place but, not when it comes to people’s lives. Instead, I would simply ask the person one little word… “Why?”

I learned early on, that people who are convinced to buy will be the first to leave that item on the counter next to the register. They’ll put it in the basket and walk around the store with it. But, they won’t actually buy because they haven’t convinced themselves that they have a need.

But, when a person KNOWS that they have a need, THEY are actively looking for the means to satisfy that need. They don’t need your 30-second elevator speech, your 2-minute introduction of yourself and your product, or your 4 minute happy times video. They ONLY need to know will this work for me and where do I sign.

What makes Your Why even crazier is when Your Why is deep enough, it will continue to convince you to fight even when your heart isn’t in it. Your Why is the driving force as to your convictions, motivations, and your declarations.

I do have to say that Your Why will also be at the core of inaction, as well as action. But, we’ll skip that one for now…

But, here’s the funny thing about Your Why… It’s a moving target!! Your Why in January may not be Your Why in February. Your Why on January 1 may not be the same on January 2. In fact, some of you reading this letter will have changed Your Why once you’re finished reading…

THIS is the reason that you must REVISIT Your Why. There are few things MORE dissatisfying that reaching a goal that you once cared about but, really don’t care about anymore. You see, I love the views from the mountain tops. But, I don’t have the desire to climb the mountain. Better yet, IF I climbed the mountain, I’d be more concerned about climbing back down!!!

My love of the mountain top view isn’t strong, nor deep, enough for me to even consider climbing. But, I do love helping others achieve THEIR goals!!! And, the ‘work’ involved in helping others is actually quite enjoyable to me!! And, I love it to the point where the work really isn’t work, at all!!!

The interesting thing is that I couldn’t say that at one time in my life. My Why was ALL about me and what I could attain. I still loved people but, that love was more about what they could do for me and not the other way around.

As time has passed, I’ve learned that my most frustrated Why is when I don’t have the means to help someone, when my help is rejected, or when I found out that could have helped but, I never knew it…

So, here are my words of wisdom…

Search out Your Why… and when you find it, ask yourself, “Why is this my Why?” Then, ask yourself again and again until you’ve reached the true depth of Your Why. When you’ve done this exercise, NO ONE can change it because those roots run DEEP!!

But, ever-so-often… Search out Your Why AGAIN!!! Revisit Your Why!!! Because, as you mature and grow, so does Your Why!! Never let it get stale!!!

I love you ALL!!!
There’s a Nu Sound in the air…

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