Post Election Commentary

Letter from 2012-11-07 Good morning Facebook. The people have spoken. Unfortunately, the people have spoken in more ways than one and so far none of it is positive. As a Christian, one who tries to live a Christ-like life, I am saddened and grieved by the comments and actions of my fellow believers. The question […]

A president's faith…

Letter from 2012-10-20 Good Morning Facebook,I have a question that I truly need your opinion on. I’m not interested in how many people Like the post but rather what do you have to say about it… Regarding the Presidency of the United States, when did a persons faith become a hot button issue? Whether the […]

My REAL response

Letter from 2012-06-22: My REAL response is “HOW DARE YOU!!!” I find it interesting how people get into social media and find comfort in trying to throw off on people especially when their lives are so jacked up. Because of social media, people just post their feelings and life situations for the world to see […]