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You are not alone…

One of the darkest demons that I consistently fight is loneliness/abandonment. The weird part about it is that I am constantly surrounded by a host of people. I have my immediate, or household, family; then my parents and siblings; and those that I work, or associate, with. As a job, I help people to better […]


Hurting people…

Each and every day we are faced are with challenges. Some of these challenges are chosen, whereas others aren’t; some are external while others are internal; some greater than others but all challenges nonetheless. What makes the difference is our attitude and mindset. It’s like the old adage, “hurting people hurt people”. Not always are […]


The grass isn't always greener on the other side…

Letter from 2012-11-16 I’ve heard this saying time and time again. The thing that’s interesting is that this phrase always seems to come out as a way to discourage pursuit. My dad was preaching once and said, “the isn’t greener on the other side… it’s turf!”. The part that we tend to miss with this […]