Devotional Observations

What is your WHY?

I was recently in a meeting where this question was asked of everyone. We all were told to write down our WHY. We were also told to keep asking why we chose our WHY and to write those down until we could no longer ask WHY. This may be a simple question but it’s true […]

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Happy New Year??

Okay. So, the New Year has come. Throughout the old year, especially near the end, we look forward to bringing in the new one. We look forward to starting things fresh, renewing our vows to ourselves and turning a new leaf as we turn the calendar. Last night, we celebrated by going to church. Now, […]


How many people does it take…

As the year comes to an end, we begin to look forward to the New Year with anticipation, excitement and hope for greater things. I heard a lady exclaim yesterday that looking ahead was a good thing but, let’s not forget that THIS year isn’t over yet. Today is December 28th. There are still 3 […]


Merry Christmas!!!!

It’s 2:00 am on December 26th. I’ve missed writing my daily letter because I made a conscious decision that I wasn’t going to do anything on Christmas Day. Well, isn’t that special (in my “church lady voice”)… Christmas Day was very interesting. When I was coming up, my brother and I were the first people […]

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Christmas Eve’s Eve…

We are officially down to the wire… the day before, the day before Christmas. The thing that’s special about this year is that Christmas is on a Tuesday. That means for the church-going crowd, yesterday was your last minute shopping day. My question is why can’t Christmas float like Easter or Thanksgiving? Example: Christmas Day […]