Go Get It!!!

One thing that you can never disqualify is the power of music. Music is a ministry, whether many want to believe it, or not. And there is a message in music, if you’ll only listen. So many times, we get caught up in the rhythms, chord structures and licks. That stuff is the sides to the […]

Devotional Observations

The Call…

I’m actually running late for church but, I know that many are expecting the next letter. Needless to say, this letter will be brief… One thing that has always been interesting to me is about ‘invitations’. Whenever someone is having a party they contact the people that they want to go. People who don’t receive […]


Time brings change…

Letter from 2012-12-01 I was sitting in my office thinking about all of the different things that happened yesterday and which one particular thing to write about. Yesterday was a good day. I experienced more positive than negative. It was Friday… there’s a couple dollars in the bank. It’s the weekend. So, no work today. […]