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The other side of change…

Yesterday, I tried really hard to stay focused on being thankful and, for the most part, I was successful. One of the things that occurred was the realization that we focus on the negative so much, that we totally miss the positives on most things. When it comes to change, we already understand that it […]

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That extra push…

I was blown out of the water this weekend when two different people thanked me for believing in them. The crazy part was that, in my own eyes, I wasn’t doing anything special. There were things that these folks had done and I simply congratulated them and encouraged them to keep it up. I only […]

Devotional Relationships

A change of attitude…

{First Disclaimer} Generally, I write to share my feelings, views, observations with the intent to help someone else that may be dealing with something similar. Well… Today’s letter is all about me. It is for me. I am not going to proofread it because whenever I do things are changed. I still hope you are […]


A secret…

Letter from 2012-12-04 I have a secret that I’m only going to share with you. So, do me a favor and let’s keep this just between you and I. Confidentiality is a must and I know I can trust you… You’ve know me for a while now. Like any person I have my good and […]