Go Get It!!!

One thing that you can never disqualify is the power of music. Music is a ministry, whether many want to believe it, or not. And there is a message in music, if you’ll only listen. So many times, we get caught up in the rhythms, chord structures and licks. That stuff is the sides to the […]

Devotional Observations

The Right Outlook…

This morning was the second time in a few months that I actually prayed on our church’s prayer call. Our prayer call has been open for over a year and in this time I’ve probably missed only a handful of calls. Usually, I call in and bask in the glory with my phone on mute. […]

Observations Relationships


First, I would like to thank everyone for all of the prayers, well wishes and words of comfort and support. Yesterday, was definitely an emotional journey. From getting rid of 9.2 pounds in 4 days, to the possibility of having breast cancer, to experiencing a mammogram (as a man), to knowing there is no cancer, to […]


They found a lump on my breast…

I need prayer and support. I’ve been dealing with some health concerns lately. While at a doctor’s visit a couple weeks ago, the doctor found a lump on my breast. I have been scheduled for more tests and referred to two different physicians to handle this lump. It is unknown what it is. I go tomorrow for […]

Devotional Observations Relationships


It is a very interesting assignment to lead leaders. I love every one of them. Sometimes, you need those you lead to take the initiative and help you lead. Last night was very difficult for me. Fridays are practice days for the music ministry. The band starts at 6 and the singers begin at 7. […]