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What direction are you going?

Our lives are filled with joy, pain, victories, and even defeats. We all live lives with all the elements of a best-seller or box office hit and at any given moment would be classified as an action, thriller, drama, horror and most times comedy. In the midst of all of this excitement, I must ask […]


Don’t ask that question!!!!

One of the personality traits that I carry is a lack of fear regarding the quest for information/knowledge. If I’m interested, then I will ask. In my humble opinion, this is a great trait to have. Over the years, I’ve learned that many times, depending on the situation, other people had the same questions but […]


The money doesn't matter…

Letter from 2012-12-05 There is a saying, “money can’t buy happiness”. The Beatles say, “can’t buy me love”. Both of these are true. Money only seems to heighten, or magnify, who, or what, you already are. There was a story this past weekend in Kansas City where a couple got into an argument and the […]