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Boston Bombings and the Illuminati…

One thing that I love about America is free speech and the ‘apparent’ freedom of thought that we’ve been afforded. The reason that I say ‘apparent’ is that far too many of us don’t really think. We consume whatever is being fed to us by the government, and the media, and we count that as […]

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Random thoughts…

Today, I’m torn between multiple subjects for this letter. So, I won’t pick a subject… I’ll just share my heart. THE NEWS One of the things that has really been on my mind is the Boston Bombings. 3 people have died and over 170 have been injured, many of which are still in critical condition, […]

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This works, I quit…

There is a phenomenon that I’ve recently become aware of that I am trying to wrap my brain around. I don’t understand it because it is counterproductive and just simply WEIRD!!!! As you know, I am a promoter of the Body by Vi™ Challenge, which is the #1 fitness and weight-loss platform in North America. […]

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Life is short…

This morning I woke-up with my Aunt Mae on my mind. One of the things that’s cool about her is that she is approaching 100 years old. You see, our family has been blessed with long life. It is common for our relatives to live well into their late 80s, 90s and above. While I […]

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Trust me…

Together these are two of the most powerful words in the English language. The reason that they’re so powerful is because this phrase is a ‘request’ for power. The speaker is asking the listener to give up their power and put their faith in the one talking. This is NEVER easy to do because we all […]